Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · First Home Track Meet Was a Great Success!

An unfamiliar sound echoed from the stands at Boone on Wednesday as the community witnessed the return of Track and Field to the Reservation. To commemorate the first track meet on Boone’s campus in more than 20 years, the community, local organizations, BHSAA and McCoy Credit Union stood behind the efforts of great visionaries and at 4:27 PM, gentlemen were asked to remove their hats as we honored America with the playing of the National Anthem. On a state-of-the-art rubberized surface, the Reservation welcomed Timber Creek, First Academy and Lake Highland Prep to its inaugural Quad Meet and the cheering began. With the sounds of the event echoing, the gun firing to start races and the buzz of how great the facility looked, the dawn of a new era began.

1st place Boys (127) – Christian Roberts(100m), Kenyon Baron(200m), Anson Alexander (400m), Roderick Horton(110h), Parker Breeze(300h), A. Roberts, K. Baron, J. Brown, C. Roberts(4x100m Relay), Leondre McKenzie-Holder(HJ), Ethan Barnette(PV), Jammion Brown(LJ,TJ), Trent Bivins(SP), Justin Thomas(DS)
1st place Girls (102) – Sophia Jordan(100m, 200m), Carolyn Brown(800m), Natalie Snead(1600m), Giula Ghirardi(300h), R. Outler, S. Jordan, D. Paolicelli, J. Lee(4x100m Relay), Michelle Gunn(LJ), J. Smith (TJ)

2nd place Boys: Anson Alexander(100m), Cody Spence(400m), Cody Cunningham(800m), Jack Krantz(1600m), A. Alexander, J. Valencia, J. Brown, C. Roberts(4x400m Relay), Draven Ashley(PV), Justin Thomas(SP), Hunter Reek(DS)

2nd place Girls: Javia Lee(200m), Michelle Gunn(400m), S. Strange, Haiven Dryden, Jalaea Smith Sarai Cruz( 4x100m Relay), Carolyn Brown, Michelle Gunn, Cele Philips, Daniella Paolicelli(4x400m), Natalie Snead, Cele Philips, Jessica Cannella, Carolyn Brown(4x800m Relay)
3rd place Boys: Kenyon Baron(100m), Will Daniel(3200m), Gabriel Diaz, Keshawn Buie, Donovan Elkins, Paul Stewart(4x100m Relay), Cody Spence, Omarion Phillips, Parker Breeze, Diego Rivera(4x400m Relay), Brayan Correa, Bobby Schneeberger, Ethan Hornbeck, Cody Cunningham(4x800m Relay), Roderick Horton(LJ), Hunter Reek(SP), Anson Alexander(DS)

3rd place Girls: Daniella Paolicelli(100m), Isabella Santeufemio(1600m), Esa Peterson(3200m), Haiven Dryden(LJ), Sarah Strange(SP), Kristen Strange(DS)