Girls Junior Varsity Basketball · Girls JV Basketball Results with Top Scorers in Each Game

Below you will find the scores and leading scorer for each jv girls basketball game from the beginning of the season to January 14th.


@Cypress: 28-23, win. Kat Sutton-12 points

@Evans: 27-26, win. Kat Sutton- 9 points, Janeen Thomas- 7 points

@Colonial: 44-21, loss. Kat Sutton-8 points

Palm Bay: 31-23, loss. Kat Sutton-11 points

Lake Nona: 38-28, win. Kat Sutton- 13 points, Janeen Thomas- 9 points

Timber Creek: 70-42, loss. Kat Sutton-15 points

@University: 38-30, win. Kat Sutton- 10 points, Jenna Sankey-8 points

Winter Park: 31-15, win. Kat Sutton- 7 points, Dasia Spooney- 7 points

Freedom: 44-43, loss. Kat Sutton-15 points

Oak Ridge: 51-23, loss. Janeen Thomas- 8 points

Colonial: 38-25, loss. Kat Sutton- 10 points

@Lake Minneola: 46-33, win. Kat Sutton-19 points, Janeen Thomas-13 points

@Lake Nona: 28-10, win. Janeen Thomas- 8 points, Jenna Sankey- 6 points